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"The Magnificent Ferengi"

Discuss the episode here.

  • Ferengi "Eliminators"
Are these professional assassins? I suppose they exist primarily for other Ferengi. Do they take out the competition? I would hate to meet one in person.
  • the whole Ferengi vs. Jem'Hadar
The Ferengi were intended to be the main opposing power in TNG. Because they were too comical, they were adjusted to minor annoyances. Here, these minor annoyances take on the Jem'Hadar and their Vorta, Iggy Pop! I think this episode was hilarious. Quark's manipulation of the whole process was amazing. I'm glad they have a Starfleet-experienced person there (Nog) and a killer-type (the Eliminator). Brunt and Gaila were sissies. But then, most Ferengi don't go around facing soldiers and killing and so on.
  • Empok Nor again
I liked seeing the station again. IIRC, this was before Dukat's failed Bajoran cult scam. The big, empty "building" feel of the place was on the mark here. It was a like a prisoner exchange between two intelligence agencies in Mission: Impossible or something.

This is one of my favorite episodes. It's so amusing. The transceiver jamming at the end is great. So they leave Keevan (the scum, even for a Vorta) smacking into a wall.

I tend to like Ferengi episodes. I think they're very entertaining and usually non-bloody episodes (e.g. no war scenes, etc.).
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