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Re: Mars Needs Moms: what happened?

I think that this story, this particular failure, is a BIG story for Hollywood, in conjunction with the Yellow Submarine story on the other thread. And it goes well beyond Yellow Submarine.

Think about this.. Hollywood is in a 3-D kick, but it possible that this fad might die down, and fast.

Then, think about his, too, that ALL the big names are investing in the motion capture shit... Zemeckis, Jackson, Spielberg, and Cameron, and the only one who seems to be using it correctly right now is Cameron (Jackson did use it right in the past with Gollum and Kong - basically anytime the character isn't really a human but must have an expressive face). These are the biggest names in the business and they are putting a lot into it, and, Avatar excepted (at least for the time being) the audience isn't nearly as enthusiastic as the filmmakers, and kids couldn't care less about the names attached to the film.

I think this one flop will have some long-term repercussions.
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