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Re: David Slade Will Direct Daredevil for Fox

I think most of the bad reputation of the Affleck flick came from the really bad editing of the theatrical version. I haven't seen it in several years (as I now own the far superior Director's Cut), but I remember that I couldn't make sense of the plot. In the theatrical version, we never find out how the cops suddenly know Fisk is the Kingpin.
Aside from that, the bad rep certainly comes from some rather campy sequences, like when Bullseye shattered that church window and used the shards as ammunition. And, of course, there're always people that hate any young good-looking Hollywood actor, regardless of how well he plays or in how many Kevin Smith films he's been in.

Not sure about the reboot (which sounds more like a "requel" like "The Incredible Hulk"). Haven't seen any of Slade's movies, so I'm indifferent to him being picked.
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