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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

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I stopped reading Angel when "After the Fall" ended. How is what came afterwards and is it connected to Buffy Season Eight? Do they explain why Spike commands an alien space ship?
Admiral_Young wrote: View Post
I think as explained by someone in the Buffy Season Eight Thread Spike's aliens are explained in the Spike mini-series or will be? I can't remember.
Ethros wrote: View Post
^ Aye. It will be explained in the current IDW Spike series. Of which there are to be 8 issues, 5 of which have been released thus far. No alien bigs as of yet but they are due to appear later on. Willow showed up though last issue
An article at CBR commemorating the IDW Angel run with an interview with their Angel writers. The interview contains slight spoilers for their wrap-ups.

It does go into the Spike bug-ship thing, but apparently, it's something that IDW is doing to be consistant with Dark Horse, rather than Dark Horse being consistant with IDW. The relevant portions from Bryan Lynch...

Bryan Lynch said:
Well, we knew how the series was going to end because of our discussions with Scott Allie. We talked about how it had to feature the story of Spike becoming captain of a space ship with an all-insect crew. So the skeleton of that last tale was easy.

The real fun came with Spike reacting to what is, as many readers have pointed out, the very odd (even for the Buffyverse) situation of an interdimensional bug space craft. Spike’s seen some weird, weird stuff in his life, but I think this is probably the strangest. Naturally his immediate reaction is going to be a memorable one.


You’ll start seeing the set-up for just how Spike came across the bug ship in issue #6. By the end of the "Spike" series, it’s quite clear who the bugs are, why they follow Spike, and who Spike was pursuing when he started getting pulled into the Twilight escapade.

I LOVED writing all the bug ship stuff. I wish it could have come sooner. Let’s do a spin-off, "Cap’N Spike And The SS Grasshopper." Come on, it’ll be fun. For all I know, Dark Horse is doing that. Probably not the same title, though.
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