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Re: Mars Needs Moms: what happened?

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I think the biggest mistake was NOT following the source material (yes, there is source material) AT ALL - except maybe in title.

The produced chose to go with his personal favorite cheesy mocap straight from the bottom of the Uncanny Valley instead of Berkeley Breathed awesomely wonderful and beautiful artistic style. So instead of a unique and beautiful animated film - we get this creepy dead-eyed mess.

It really sucks to, because Breathed's style of drawing is really beautiful and unique - just like the book the movie takes it's name from. But sadly now, when people hear "Mars Needs Moms", they will think of this abominable mess of a film, instead of Bearkeley Breathed's wondrous and magical book.

ETA: Here's an article from Berkeley Breathed about what went wrong:

EATA: funny think is most reviews i have read say it's a pretty good flick - not perfect, but not that bad. Unfortunately, I think a combination of bad marketing and...well...that creep mocap filming style...turned people off.

Plus, we are in a recession...and I can barely even afford to take all of my my 3 kids and their 2 1/2 sister and brother and myself - and maybe my ex-wife - to see *one* film - in 2D at the *Early bird* Matinée ($2 off the regular $7 or $8), LET ALONE take all of us to an $11 or $12 a pop 3D film...and I think most parents, when they can afford to take the family out to a 3D flick, probably can only afford one movie - and there's a lot of competition out there for that money...

And I think "MNM" just lost out to "Rango"...
Yeah. The original book is just great.
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