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Re: Organic or 'conventional'?

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I, for one, am shocked that quite a few people on the Trek BBS aren't concerned by the fact that more girls are growing breasts as early as age 7 than ever before.

You all can keep eating and drinking the chemicals they pump into animals, but that stuff scares the %*#@ out of me. I'd feel terrible if my daughter started going through puberty that early because it's pretty clear that it's the food we're eating that causes such problems.
“Pretty clear”?

A growing number of researchers also are concerned about hormone-disrupting chemicals in the environment. Animal studies suggest that many environmental toxins can affect the age of puberty, although scientists aren't yet sure exactly how they affect people. Suspect chemicals include pesticides used in farms and lawns, flame retardants found in furniture and electronics, and bisphenol A, or BPA, an estrogen-like ingredient found in plastic bottles, the linings of metal food and beverage cans, Biro says. He notes that researchers are collecting blood and urine samples from girls and will be able to analyze their exposure to toxins.
In other words, at this point, it’s all speculation.

And, BTW, I wish people would stop misusing the word “toxin.” Strictly speaking, a toxin is a poison produced by living things, like rattlesnake venom or botulin.

(And for you men that can't be bothered to worry about what happens to women, there's a whole part in there about tiny penises too.)
Fortunately, that’s never been my problem.

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Hormones have not been used in chicken production in Australia for over 40 years.
Good — at least we don’t have to worry about Australian chickens growing boobs.
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