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Re: Minecraft

Owain Taggart wrote: View Post
Yeah, kind of burned out on my single-player world, to be honest. I'm still waiting for my server to be updated.

That's one heck of a pool, Robert. Is there a diving board somewhere? Oh wait, I see it. You should build several at different heights.
I should've done that but I already started building a ceiling over it (a few blocks above the diving board level) so I can start working on the next level of my castle. Ah well, maybe in the future.

Canadave wrote: View Post
I'm getting the impression that you don't believe in working on a small scale, Robert.

Nice pool, though.
Well, I hadn't taken a crack at building anything really big yet. There was that 100x100 castle I was working on previously but I gave up on that as a little too ambitious. This footprint is 50x50 and I actually got the pool built in a pretty reasonable amount of time (a couple hours.) I think it took more time to smelt the sand into glass than it took to actually build the pool. Placing the water was also pretty easy once I got the knack of putting it in the right places so it would level out.
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