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Re: Organic or 'conventional'?

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Wow.. The OP must be an American, I can't believe how misinformed they are. Stunning.

Organic means nothing, there is no official meaning to it and you can still use 126 chemicals on food. Those chemicals are weaker and need to be used more.

Best thing to do is buy from a local farm, if they use chemicals or not.
"Organic" in the US is a regulated term, and must meet USDA standards outlined in the link below before a grower/producer can label their products 'organic'.

"Natural" OTOH is an unregulated marketing claim, and is therefore meaningless.

Not a good idea to be slandering Americans and slinging the word 'misinformed' about when a 5 second google search* debunks your claims in the very next paragraph. I'm kind of embarrrassed for you right now.

*Brought to you by an American.
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