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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

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^ Dawn was already a giant at the start of Season 8 anyway. Also the Spike series is seemingly taking place concurrently with the last remaining IDW Angel issues, wherein Angel is not Twilight yet.

So I would say definitely before. Although the whole timeline of these comics seem very wonky, so hey I'll probably be disproven
I know that Dawn was already a giant, but Willow was away and only came back in #2 and then in #3 she is surprised that Dawn is a giant: "How come you're a giant?" So it has to be after the start of season 8.
Forgot about that; just had a look at the TPB and you're right.

Well that's a continuity error then. Obviously at the start of Season 8 the whole Twilight plan is already is motion, and indeed we see Angel-as-Twilight in #1 (well, his feet anyway)
The Spike mini is supposed to be after Angel #38, where the gang splinters off. Illyria goes off on a voyage of self discovery for her miniseries, Spike goes off for his, and Angel leaves LA for a while leaving Connor in charge of the remaining team. And Angel isn't Twilight yet.
So I'd just put it down to a mistake, of which there are the odd few in the comics
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