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Re: Mars Needs Moms: what happened?

I don't think it got a lot of press and the press it did get was sort of bad or shifty. They were more concerned with Seth Green getting replaced than the actual movie. Look at Rango, it's gotten awsome press, the trailers are awsome and theres one where we see Johnny Depp actually acting out the scene, how cool is that? We get an understanding of what the movie is all about. From the MNM trailer all I know is that things fly around and stuff happens. I don't know what this film is about. Plus it just doesn't seem to appeal to adults at all, maybe i'm wrong. This looks like one of those throw away animated movies, not a Toy Story or Cars. I would expect better from Zemeckis, but then again even the greats fall into the CG trap every once in a while. Lucas fell in and became the dark overloard.
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