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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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Oh I'd definitely pay to see it. Heck, I'd pay to see Exeter, or Farragut, or Phase II on a big screen. I never tire of seeing good stories in that setting. But then, I'm a fan.
Theoretically, or in this case, hypothetically speaking, what do you think a J.J. Abrams version of Exeter or Farragut would be like?
Now that's an interesting question.

Flashy and fun, but much like Trek 09, probably not my Star Trek.

I imagine Garrovick would be similar to Greenwood's Pike, only grimmer. Other than that, I think the characters might not be that different. A bit more 'hip' and probably less mature (same as Trek 09's interpretation of Kirk and co) but recognisably the same characters.

I'd probably pay to watch it. But then again, I think I'd rather see the originals.
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