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Re: Organic or 'conventional'?

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Just this Saturday I went to the local 'farmer's market' where I had the choice of locally grown tomatoes (it's winter here, darnit!) or organic ones from Spain... which ones would you buy -those that are grown conventionally in heated green-houses or those that come from thousands of kilometers away?
Local every time.

I had a local place that sold organic vegies. They cost sometimes triple what the supermarket charged and all looked like they'd been run over. I'm also put off by having heard from a radio program in which a greengrocer admitted that he just picked out the dirtiest most irregular produce at the markets, labeled it organic and tripled the price. I personally know people who have a cafe that claims everything is organic: this is a complete lie. They buy most of it from the supermarket and use any old butter etc..

The only possibly organic stuff I buy is from my local health food store that sells produce people in the area have brought in.. home grown garlic, honey, oranges, eggs. I don't know what those people used to grow things but I do know the produce spent 5 minutes in the back of a car to get to that shop and that's nice. The stuff has always been excellent too.

As to free range meat--I don't bother, costs too much. I mainly eat kangaroo which is pretty free range anyway and dramatically cheaper than steak.

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