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Re: Organic or 'conventional'?

Mr. Laser Beam wrote: View Post
I view 'organic' as nothing more than a marketing scheme. The propaganda of the day is that anything "natural" is automatically good, and anything artificial is evil; I refuse to be suckered in by that.
While I did ask for opinions in my OP I had rather hoped for informed ones.
cultcross wrote: View Post
As there is no evidence that organic farming is better for the environment, and a mounting suggestion that it may in fact be a worse contributor to global warming than conventional agriculture, I have no particular inclination to buy organic.
Oh, but there are! (start reading here.)
I am far more concerned by things like food miles than I am by organic/non-organic. Whenever possible (i.e. produce that can be grown/made in the south west of England), I will spend a bit more or go out of my way to buy local.
Just this Saturday I went to the local 'farmer's market' where I had the choice of locally grown tomatoes (it's winter here, darnit!) or organic ones from Spain... which ones would you buy -those that are grown conventionally in heated green-houses or those that come from thousands of kilometers away?

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