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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

timothy wrote: View Post
yeah no buggs as of yet in spike and no IDEA of twilight happening in angel either .
Does any one know if spike will get a series in dark horse ?
and will there be any more anthologies like tales of the vampire of tales of the slayer ?
Allie has said that Spike will be appearing in Buffy season 9 so much that there might not be time for him to have his own series. Which makes me pretty happy since I'm not a big fan of Brian Lynch's writing of Spike and I'd much rather have Whedon (or maybe Espenson) writing him.

also with dru being back in spike life do you think willow will give her a soul as well ? and will they keep this relationship going into season nine .
For one thing, I'm pretty sure that giving vampires back their souls was way beyond Willow's capabilities, great as they were (or else I imagine she'd have been doing it all the time), the only reason she was able to get Angel resouled was because he had already been cursed with a soul, and on AtS they still needed to have his soul in a jar or whatever that container was.

And it's a moot point now anyway since Willow doesn't have her magic anymore after #39.

Ethros wrote: View Post
^ Aye. It will be explained in the current IDW Spike series. Of which there are to be 8 issues, 5 of which have been released thus far. No alien bigs as of yet but they are due to appear later on. Willow showed up though last issue
Lynch has said that in Spike #7 we'll also find out when exactly and how Buffy and the Scoobies first found out about Spike's resurrection.

Whedon was apparently involved in #5 because he wanted to 'oversee' Willow's dialogue. I don't know how much he is involved in the next issues.

Can anyone figure out at what time during season 8 is the current Spike series supposed to take place? It seems that Willow already knows about Dawn being a giant.
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