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Organic or 'conventional'?

I've just asked a fellow T-BBSer for a recipe and this started us talking about organic produce and products and the reasons for choosing these.

Personally I'm not religious about it, but I do buy the organic product whenever I have the choice.

The reasons I buy organic are:
  • I believe we have a responsibility to future generations; they too should live in a bio-diverse world where they can actually drink from wells and streams without fear of poisoning themselves (or indeed: a need to clean industrial waste out of our water supply).
  • It usually tastes better than 'conventional' products.
  • when given a choice, lab-animals eat organic and who are we to argue with nature?
  • Organic products contain more of the nutritionally desirable compounds and less of the nutritionally undesirable compounds.
  • Organic produce isn't dipped in poison-wax; you don't need to peel off the outer layer and can even use the peels in your cooking without any danger to yourself!

How about you? -how organic do you live? -why?/why not?

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