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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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Huzzah! I LOVED that game!

Those displays look like they work AND they look like TOS. Nicely done.
What? You actually played one of those games?!
Indeed I did. I think it may have been the second DOS game I bought. Heck, I even played Universe (or tried to) on the Apple ][.

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Yeah that's not unreasonable. And probably what the majority of Joe and Jane Public thinks.
Wow, this is a real roller coaster of a thread.

So, I'm trying to phrase this so that you know it's a real question and not rhetorical: Does anyone love the JJ bridge?

I'm asking that because I know there are people that REALLY dig the new Enterprise. It's THEIR Enterprise. It never occurred to me that anyone could NOT love the TMP Enterprise because that one was MINE. (Ok, the old one was mine too. Yes, I know they're both old. Yes, the Galaxy is old too. Just get offa my lawn, ok?)

But are there people here that really know the new bridge the way many of us here knew the old one. Not even in an unhealthy obsessive way, either.

Someone hit the nail on the head with the Galaxy Quest comparison: I think it would have been possible to get something closer to the TOS bridge but make it "real". To get the feeling of "Ohhh, this is what it was supposed to look like all along." You know, like you'd have in a $150 million dollar movie. I think they NAILED that with the uniforms, btw. (And I haven't heard anyone say that those were unusable. At least not since they actually used them.)

To me, if they had done something more like the Kelvin for the Enterprise bridge, I'd have been ecstatic.
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