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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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Perhaps you would kind enough to explain how you would suggest the original *designs* (not the sets) be utilised, and how you would rework them for a modern audience.
I thought that I had...
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A few years back Ptrope did a beautiful reworking of the bridge stations starting with the basic elements from the design as seen in The Cage. Of course, much of what he incorporated the producers of TOS wanted... but couldn't afford (as every active display on the bridge required a projectionist by union rules... and I think there are nearly 60 displays on the TOS bridge).
... I don't recall where I saw his work off hand, but I was so taken with it that I saved a shot of his mock-up.
Hmm, I must have missed that. Nice, but it still doesn't look like a modern, $150 million movie set to me. And I doubt it would to anyone other than a hard core fan (and no, that's still not a pejorative in case you're wondering).

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But yeah, I don't think that the new crew would be out of place on the old bridge either. And I tried to illustrate that point back in 2008 when I put this together.
So in fact, despite your comment to the contrary, you do essentially want the exact same sets. Ah, you had me for a minute. So much for 'arguing with myself'.

What looked futuristic to most people 40 odd years ago, is simply not the same today. To expect a modern audience to accept it as such is unreasonable.

Your mileage, clearly, may vary.
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