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Re: Can I 'read' the books as an animated series?

One of the reasons I finally became a "reader" in school was that I was able to bypass the tedious nature of reading words on a page which I could then "listen" to aurally in my head and instead convert them into visual representations of scene and movement without a time lag for interpretation.

As I read, I set the scene in my head and then fill it with representations of the characters and events, and if I'm doing it right... or rather the author has done his job well, I can completely ignore the fact that I'm reading and just enjoy the show.

It's a more immersive experience than just seeing events from a static frame, and never just from one "camera angle" either.

Very similar to how I enjoy 'subbed' anime or foreign language films; I hear the sound of the native dialogue but simultaneously I'm "hearing" the translation that I'm reading in English in that voice. (One of the reasons it's hard to watch "dubbed" anime after watching it with subs, The characters all sound wrong.)
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