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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

I'm sorry, but how is calling someone a hard core fan a pejorative? I happen to *be* a hard core fan, so maybe I just don't see where the insult lies. Regardless, my apologies if you read some sort of insult into that, it was certainly not my intention.

Somewhere along the line I've clearly picked you up wrong. I was under the impression that you were arguing for recreations of the original 60s sets. If that isn't the case, then I apologise for the misunderstanding (which I suspect can be traced back to my use of *designs* when I should have said *sets*). To that end, I concede your point; I don't disagree that an updating of those designs could work, but they would have to be far more elaborate, far more polished and far more 'real' to look at (by modern standards) than the version we got in the 60s.

I will say again, though. Whatever is produced needs to look good enough that its intended audience will suspend belief. Could that be done with the existing designs? Possibly. The layout and shapes are fine (to my eye), but I think you'd need to seriously overhaul the finish, the design of the consoles and control surfaces to come up with something convincing for a modern audience.

I am not saying there is *anything* wrong with Jefferies' designs. Perhaps I was not precise enough in my wording, but all I was saying was that I did not believe they would work *as seen in the original series* for a modern audience of a major motion picture. I am not implying that they are wrong, as much as you keep suggesting otherwise, just that the sets as seen in the original series, are a product of their time, same as the design ethos of the Buster Crabbe Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers.

Perhaps you would kind enough to explain how you would suggest the original *designs* (not the sets) be utilised, and how you would rework them for a modern audience.
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