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Re: Your Star Trek Online Screenshots!

There's a lot to improve about Star Trek Online,
however - regardless of what you think is missing, one you cannot overlook - it can be beautiful.

Here's the link to my Photobucket album: Star Trek Online - Nolak

Below, please have a look at some of the finer screenshots from my collection.

USS.Aeon preparing to enter the Undine realm - fluidic space

USS.Aeon beautyshot in fluidic space - "Undine fleet is breaking thru...we require immediate assistance...

USS.Abraham, somewhere in Breen space

USS.Abraham on "routine" patrol

USS.Nelson charting fringes of Alpha quadrant

USS.Horizon, "The Klingon Slayer", on her way to handle some Klingon incursions

Extreme-deep-space explorer, brand new star cruiser vessel - USS.Nomad, Emissary class

And finally ... Vice Admiral Nolak on away mission

Vice-Admiral Nolak of Vulcan :: Nolak@voniatko
Voniatko's YouTube channel

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