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Re: actors testing for Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

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No, I'm undead set against it.
That means you're for it?

Hey if Reznor doesn't want to join the party, his loss. I never pegged him for the "worried about my dignity" type...
No, I'm dead set against it, and will remain so following my death.

Reznor has an Oscar now; that sort of thing can change one's perception of one's self. You think that if Natalie Portman weren't expecting, that she'd still be interested in PP&Z after her Oscar win? Unlikely, I suspect.

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I have yet read the book but I love the concept of this movie . and lincoln was one of my favorite presidents .He founded the greatest party ever the republicans . Now I gotta wonder how many more of his party are vampire slayers ?

you can'nt bash anything to see it or try or read it those who bash things before even trying are _____ .
and wat if they did a sequel in which lincoln and a ressitated Tomas Jeffersin fought of a ninja invasion that would be the best moviefilm ever
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