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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

22. The Wizard of Oz (rewatch) - A. This film gave me a strange feeling at the start- I must have watched this film many, many times when I was very young (though I don't specifically remember doing so). Every line, word, and phrase was distinctly familiar to me. Fortunately this feeling of deja vu subsided about halfway through the movie- in my youth, I must have lost interest around the time they met Oz at the Emerald city because most of what came after wasn't as ingrained. Anyway, how could you give anything but an "A" to this classic? A prototype for all hero's journey fantasy movies that would come later. It looks great in it's Blu-ray transfer. New revelations from this watch-through: the cowardly lion is easily the best character, munchkins are creepy, but the only thing more creepy than them are those goddamn monkeys. /shudder

23. Winnebago Man - A. A touching, funny documentary. I'd never heard of this guy before. Has something to say about internet fame as a whole, but is an interesting story in it's own right.

24. The Social Network - B+. A good movie. Somehow movies about nerds always rub me the wrong way. The dialogue never seems authentic enough. This movie comes very close to curing me of that prejudice, but not quite. This is basically a caper movie in the guise of a historical context. Good performances and conflict are what makes it work.
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