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Re: What games are you playing currently?

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There's another Red Faction coming out this spring and I might get that too.
From what I've heard/seen, it sounds like its another FPS like the prior games in the series. Kills all interest for me.

which dialogue options are paragon/renegade
Typically, the paragon option is at the top and the renegade is at the bottom. If there are options on the left side also, most of the time they will be neither, but the pattern holds when they are.

there are not enough anomaly side missions as most of the planets all you can do is harvest elements.
The majority of the side quests are given to you directly, but there are about 5-10 you will have to find on your own. While interesting to play once, most of them are wholly unnecessary. Most are very short or uninvolved and none do anything for your characters really.

Mining is not actually necessary to complete the game, though there are three specific ship upgrades that will... make your life easier. The Shadow Broker DLC will allow you to collect minerals without mining, though the amounts you receive are random.


I finished up my first run of Metal Gear Solid 4 today. There was entirely too much talking, explaining everything in triplicate in the end. But this game has so much continuity-porn, it retroactively inserts it into prior games. Which I like.

Overall, it still falls below 3 and TTS as most of the game is rather forgettable. In fact, the only high points that stick out in my mind are the fights with Laughing Octopus, and the last one with Liquid.

And while I'm not really an overly emotional kind of guy, I loved the hell out of MGS3 and its characters, so the end of the very last scene was tugging at my heartstrings. (Interesting, considering I was rolling my eyes the scene before that.)

Anyway, I'm off to try to earn the hardest emblem now. Need to finish it off quick, since Disgaea 3 will be coming in sometime next week. Which will probably be the entire rest of my year.
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