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Re: What games are you playing currently?

Over spring break I bought myself two games, Red Faction: Guerrilla and Mass Effect 2. I have never played the previous installments to these games so it is a whole new experience for me. I love them both to death.

RF:G reminds me a lot of Far Cry 2 with its sandbox aspects and I really enjoyed all the destruction and the story was interesting too. The only thing I can think of to improve it would be more unique side missions. There's another Red Faction coming out this spring and I might get that too.

ME2 was very similar to KOTOR, which I guess shouldn't be a surprise since BioWare made both games. I really enjoyed it because of this as its basically KOTOR with better graphics and your character actually speaks. I'm a bit hazy on the backstory having not played ME1 but I think I've figured most of it out in general.

I've got three more loyalty quests and the Reaper derelict IFF to get. I'm a paragon soldier if you want to know.

My main problems with the game are telling which dialogue options are paragon/renegade, the text is too small to read clearly, and there are not enough anomaly side missions as most of the planets all you can do is harvest elements.

Other than those minor qualms it is very fun and addicting and I can't wait for number 3. I also enjoy the cover system for combat as it offers a different experience to CoD and Halo. Reminds me of GoW, another series I plan on getting into in the future.
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