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Re: IDW zombie trek sketches

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I don't see where zombies are really any more outrageous than some of the other stuff that was on TOS, like a giant space amoeba and Apollo.
... but crossing that stuff over across all those unconnected franchises makes sense?
Well, from what I've read (not the actual comics, just the info released on sites like this) the actual series are staying unconnected. So I have no problem with it whatsoever.
Exactly. The Zombies (or in GI Joe's case, the robots) all spill over from the IDW multiverse (Where their Zombies vs Robots and Covert Vampire Operations books reside) and into the universes of the various franchises. There is no interaction between the various franchises and the stories are all self-contained.

As for Zombies in Trek-- The Borg? The Vulcan expedition to The Expanse? Nothing new or out of place here.
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