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Re: Best Audio Book?

Listened to the Dr Who Unbound 1-7, loved some of it, not so hot on a couple.

#1 and #7 - Geoffrey Bayldon First Doctor - Really enjoyed them. Bayldon does a good Hartnell impression, I could totally picture him in my head while listening. Neat stories, and neat twist about Susan's Illness.

#2 David Warner as the 3rd Doctor with the Brigadier - I enjoyed this story too (How could it go wrong with the Brig and David Warner). Need to track down #8 the Sequel to it.

#3 David Collings - Wow, this Dr. was a piece of work, and the ending was absolutely shocking. This one was very different and good.

#4 Michael Jayston as the Valleyard - This one was real fun too, listening to everything unravel for him, and I'll bet Mel Haters love the ending.

#5 Sir Derek Jacobi First Doctor - I enjoyed the portrayal, but, I got lost, couldn't keep track of where the story was going, maybe because I was listening on headphones while working, and I need to pay more attention. Will try it again when the truck CD Player is out of Thomas Covenant Books.

#6 Arabella Weir The Third Doctor - Didn't get into this one at all, it was one big long drunken stupor with endless belching (This was made worse by the headphones, it was like the women belched in my ear for an hour, LOL). Oh, and then of course we treated to her puking once or twice, never really appreciate that in movies either. Not much else going on. I really wanted to like it, since it was the first female portrayal of a Doctor I've encountered. The story had a pretty good framework, but, it wasn't carried out to my taste, would've been better to drop the whole drunk bit, IMHO.

Plus, I also tracked down:

David Tennant - The Stone Rose - This one was alright, don't enjoy it as much as The Resurrection Casket, which is the only Dr. Who Audio I owned before this thread directed me at some great Big Finish stories
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