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Re: STEPHEN KING BOOKS AND MOVIES discussions and comments :

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Have you read Duma Key or Under the Dome? Two of his more recent books, both of which were excellent. Not quite in the same tier as "The Stand", but quite worthy reads for a King fan.
Actually, I think Duma Key outrates The Stand by miles.

In fact, I don't understand the appeal of The Stand at all. I never got past the first couple of chapters. It bored me that much.
Well, if you didn't finish the book (or even get half-way through it) then of course you won't understand why the large majority of King's fans rate either The Stand or It as his best book. I'm not saying you'd love the book if you give go back and read the whole thing........I'm just saying the first several chapters really don't indicate what kind of story the Stand eventually becomes after the first 1/3 of the book.

After all, the first several chapters are just setting the stage between the world we know and the world they have to live in and introducing you slowly to a large cast of don't actually get into the meat of the story of the Stand until you get several hundred pages into it.

I found the same to be true with Duma really takes several hundred pages to set the stage, introduce the characters and get you ready to enjoy the last 1/2 of the book which picks up the pace considerably.
I was lured into Duma Key because the main character was an artist (as many people here know, I'm an incessant doodler) and one of his hallucinations involves Reba MacIntyre ("It was RED!"). I couldn't the put the book down after the first pages.

You're right. After all this time and a couple mini-series on TV, I'm pretty much not gonna go back and try to slog through The Stand again. I'll just have to take other peoples' word for it and stick with the Three C's as my faves.
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