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What next for Mass Effect?

So we all know that Mass Effect 3 will be coming out in November and that it will more then likely be finishing up the story of Shepard and the Reapers, at least for now. What Iím wondering is, what comes next? Bioware has already come out and stated that they do have plans to use the universe they created after ME:3 is done and over with, but what will they do with it? Iíve heard some people want a RTS game, some want a pure FPS, while others, like myself have a desire for a different story, with a different cast, but presented in the same fashion as the trilogy. That of a RPG, over the shoulder, action-adventure game. What I would love to have would be a game much in the same vein as say Firefly or even the Han Solo side of Star Wars. A beat up old ship (that you can upgrade) with a crew (that you can assemble) out doing whatever jobs they can do to survive. You could have the choice of being decent people just trying to make their way in the galaxy, perhaps even doing something grand and noble along the way. Or you could be down and dirty pirates willing to do anything to make a buck. The choice is yours. I figure that we have already seen the ME galaxy from a military/paramilitary point of view. Why not now switch to civilian point of view. I think the Mass Effect game series would lend itself well to this idea. Your opinions? Ideas?
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