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VOY Avatar Contest - State of Flux

Previously in the Star Trek: Voyager avatar contest...

Akiraprise wrote: View Post
The winners of the Prime Factors avatar contest and the Golden Neelix are:

"Prime Factors" Episode:


"Turbolifts" VOY Theme:

Dancing Doctor

"Storm" RDM Theme:


Thanks for playing and congrats to the winners.
The next contest is 'State of Flux', where the crew discover that someone is givin' technology to the Kazon and Seska is revealed to be a spy!!!

The theme, chosen by Dancing Doctor, will be "Battle Stations!"

And the random theme, chosen by Akiraprise, will be "Japan."

All contest entries have to conform to board rules - up to 140x140 and 140KB if animated.

Folks have 'til Tuesday night/Wednesday mornin' to post their entries.

Good luck!

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