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ENTER! Avatar Contests - Extinction / ENT's Worst Ideas Ever!

Last week on Enterprise Avatar Contest...

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The polls are closed!

In the Episode contest, Yours truly wins the Golden Porthos-- thank you!-- and we have a tie for second place between Admiral Shran and od0.

For theme, Skywalker takes the gold, with a tie for runner-up between Shran, JiNX, and your humble contest runner.

Congrats to the winners and runners-up (that would be everybody ), and to all the voters for taking part!

Our next episode is one of Enterprise's, um, not-so-fondly remembered episodes, "Extinction." Well, Bakula liked it because he got to disappear behind the makeup and be inventive. But I digress.

The theme to go with this bottom-dweller, suggested by my co-winner Skywalker, is "Enterprise's Worst Ideas Ever!"

So here's your chance to wallow in mediocrity! Celebrate mundanity! Give us your best regarding the show's worst! Have fun, people.

Rules: same old same-old. 140x140 max dimensions, 140k max size. Entry thread will stay open for at least four days, plenty of time to stuff it to the gills with awfulness.

I'll start things off with one of the few indisputably pleasant things about "Extinction": T'Pol in her white away-mission jumpsuit.

But for the theme, down to the dregs we go.

Alrighty, have at it!
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