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Re: What's in the Excelsior/Enterprise-B/Lakota shuttlebay?

Timo wrote:
The cavity in the hull may or may not be a shuttlebay.
It's labelled "main shuttle bay" on the Enterprise-B MSD.
I wonder if the CGI Exclesiors have anything comparable in there?
I'm pretty sure they've just got a flat blue panel - the Excelsior CG in "The Changing Face of Evil" (that is the one with the astroid base and the defence platforms, right?) was very low detail. When you see an Exclesior flip over, mortally damaged, you can see that there's no detail at all on one side of the engineering hull (which is odd... I always thought the texture would just be mirrored on the other side)
AstroSmurf wrote:
But if we really wanted to know someone could contact her designer, Bill George, and ask him.
Good point!
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