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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

QPR won't have a points deduction. It's too good to be true. Be bloody amazing if it did happen though - especially because the rule they're alleged to have broken was brought in following the Tevez affair, action championed and encouraged by... now-QPR manager Neil Warnock!

Generally speaking I don't like Spurs, but they've been great to watch in Europe this year. I wouldn't agree they were 'comfortable' on Wednesday though, but it was a great game, a great tie in fact. I couldn't believe how quick and crisp Milan were, and Seedorf was a different. If it weren't for Sandro, I don't think Spurs would have survived!

Arsenal was an embarrassment from what I saw, but I had Radio Wales on listening to the Palace game and was too busy shaking my head in my hands in disbelief at yet another insipid fuck-up to be interested in the World's Worst Red Card.

Also, I wouldn't agree Barca's defence is as poor as Jax suggests. It was on Tuesday because their first choice CBs were unavailable, but normally they're good. Their weakness I would have said was the space their full-backs leave by bombing up the field all the time, but it still takes a great team to beat them. It's all very well saying get the ball and get at them, but how teams can?

Finally, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Andriy Shevchenko, 55, run rings around Man City. He was and still is a class act.
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