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Plus of course in order for a tent to be able to protect you from creepers, it'd have to be made out of brick or obsidian...and that would be just silly.

Speaking of of the annoying green buggers, since they seem to swarm around the entrance of one of my bases I've gone to the trouble of fortifying the entrance; a wall of obsidian sandwiched between two outer layers of brick. It also has an airlock like system with two metal doors with a button for each and a pressure plate between the two. That way when you open one and walk through the other one opens as you step through. I thought about going all out and placing sand or gravel above the glass so if the windows blow out the holes should slam shut.

As for things that would be nice to see added; fruit trees are definitely a good idea as orchards would become even more useful than wheat farms. Perhaps to keep things "realistic" (or just challenging) perhaps the fruit trees should need to be near water and have direct sunlight to bare fruit. Otherwise it'd just be a normal wood tree.

I think a few more environmental hazards might make things more interesting too. Bee hives for example would offer both a useful resource and a potential danger. Brambles or nettles might be a good idea (basically retextured flowers that cause small damage when you walk over it.)
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