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Re: Comprehesive stats on what happens in the films!

Hi guys, thanks for your input. Your correct the 'something impossible' tally was more about a character feeling that something was impossible and then, somehow, overcoming that obstacle.

It's true that doing something like this isn't an exact science - so we may well have missed some - but it gives a general overview and breakdown on some aspects of the film franchise.

The same goes for Violence with that being extremely subjective. We have debates on what was actually violent and we settled on these results but, of course, every one will have different views.

We really appreciate the feedback guys. If anyone has anymore then please share it so we can improve the site.

P.S. Being cheeky here: if you want to follow us you can on twitter or/and facebook by searching for Randomfilmstats. Sorry for the obvious plug! We're just starting out
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