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Re: Decent movie versions of classic novels

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I just watched the FFC Dracula again today after picking up the Collectors Edition for $7.50 at Target.

As for the current discussion, I didn't know Stoker wrote any books other than Dracula.
Stoker was a fairly prolific author, although he would probably be forgotten if not for Dracula. He also wrote a number of good, spooky short stories, notably "The Judge's House" and "The Squaw" and "Dracula's Guest."

Funny: Stoker's original obituary in the London Times made only brief reference to Dracula and predicted that he would be best remembered for his two-volume memoir regarding the noted Victorian actor, Henry Irving. (Stoker was only a part-time writer. His real career, for most of his life, was running the Lyceum Theater in London.)

Nowadays, of course, nobody remembers his magnum opus: Life of Irving.
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