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Re: iPad Owners: What was the first Star Trek title you bought/loaded?

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Thanks for the input guys.

Just let me clarify something reguarding the Kindel in this situationn. Although it has audio output capability, it is down to the publishers to decide whether or not it is enabled for a perticular title. This is beecause when it first came out the publishers wern't happy claiming that it would effect the sales of audio books! Rather than make a fight of it Amazon just gave them the option to deny this feature to users if they so chose. As a result just about all of the latest trek books do not have audio output enabled for the Kindle. This is why I was looking at the Ipad as they clame they can read all-comers.

I think that there are ways to use the Ipad when voice-over is activated but I only know this from reading up, Ive never even held an Ipad before mutch less tried to use it. As I am blind I dont relish the idea of working with a touch screen, although I'm sure I'll figure it out. Especially since it looks like it's going to be my best chance of reading trek lit.
Glad to help. The stuff I found on the web said that publishers have the ability to disable voiceover in an iBook. I buy my books from B&N and remove the DRM so I can read in iBooks, so I can't guarantee that a book purchased from the iBooks store would allow voiceover. Like I said, Apple seems to have put a lot of thought into voiceover - it will read the names of apps to you when you tap them on the home screen, and most Apple-sourced apps have voiceover support built in (according to the web site). My biggest problem with using it was discovering how to get iBooks to read more than just a single line at a time, and navigation - double tap, triple tap, two finger twist, two finger drag, tapping in the right spot. The actions never seemed to do the same thing, and only did what I wanted about a quarter of the time. Once you got used to it, though, it would probably be easier.
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