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Re: iPad Owners: What was the first Star Trek title you bought/loaded?

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Also, I notice that Ipad, unlike Kindle, can read any books aloud using their inbuilt screen reader Voice-over. Has anyone tried this with a trek book and if so how did it go?
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Actually, Kindle also reads books aloud. It's not great, but it's also definitely "well enough to be understood."
Would you say they are suitable for a partially sighted (or even blind) person in this capacity?
I've only used a Kindle for all of about 5 minutes one time, and used the voiceover capability of my iPad for about 5 minutes this morning, but I'd be willing to bet the Kindle is better for reading for the blind, because of the sheer difficulty of controlling a touch screen vs the controls of the Kindle. Apple obviously put a lot of thought into the voiceover stuff, but it was a bear for me to use, and I could see the things I was trying to click.

Thanks for the input guys.

Just let me clarify something reguarding the Kindel in this situationn. Although it has audio output capability, it is down to the publishers to decide whether or not it is enabled for a perticular title. This is beecause when it first came out the publishers wern't happy claiming that it would effect the sales of audio books! Rather than make a fight of it Amazon just gave them the option to deny this feature to users if they so chose. As a result just about all of the latest trek books do not have audio output enabled for the Kindle. This is why I was looking at the Ipad as they clame they can read all-comers.

I think that there are ways to use the Ipad when voice-over is activated but I only know this from reading up, Ive never even held an Ipad before mutch less tried to use it. As I am blind I dont relish the idea of working with a touch screen, although I'm sure I'll figure it out. Especially since it looks like it's going to be my best chance of reading trek lit.
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