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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.


This episode is fun, but there are a great many problems with it, mainly in logical flaws/oversights:

- It took Janeway 16 hours to figure out Seven knows about Omega?
- Um, there are non-senior staff present on the bridge whilst they're crapping on about Omega
- …who also transported down to the planet to assist with the rescue
- and now Neelix knows
- and Seven is bossing people around! What? I mean, this would be fine if she had a field commission but SHE DOESN'T! At least not one I am aware of.

Anyway, these problems aside, which ARE problems because they dilute the dramatic secrecy of Omega, the episode is pretty fun. The concept of an element so dangerous that Starfleet has decided to ignore their Prime Directive and remove this threat is awesome - I've got a feeling this might be something that Section 31 drafted themselves. I am not comfortable with the Borg's religious perspective of Omega, but I suppose it's an interest concept to explore.

This episode barely crosses the line with a 3 out of 5, by being reasonably exciting and dramatic and contains a cool scientific allegory.
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