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Re: Decent movie versions of classic novels

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How close is the Francis Ford Coppola/Gary Oldman Dracula (one of my favorite movies) to the book?
The Coppola version is not particularly accurate since it hinges on the idea of Mina as a reincarnated version of Vlad the Impaler's bride - something that is completely invented outside the book, though Elizabeta was a real historical personage who did indeed throw herself from the castle tower. But the movie does follow the plot of the book fairly closely with the exception of the Drac/ Mina seduction scenes.

The idea that Mina is the likeness of Vlad's long-lost love seems to date back to the 1970's tv version with Jack Palance, scripted by Richard Matheson.

Although, of course, this concept has also been a staple of mummy movies since day one, so it could have just been imported for there.
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