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Amen to that.. I was thinking of the Last Call/Expiration Date/Earthquake Weather series, not the historical ones.

Good point. I admit I've fallen behind in my Powers reading. I'm mostly familar with his early historical fantasies like The Stress of Her Regard . . . .[/QUOTE]

They're set in Las Vegas and California in the 1980s... excellent books, the first two seem standalone until the third one combines their plotlines.[/QUOTE]

I read and enjoyed Last Call. Bugsy Siegel as the Fisher King!

Haven't caught up with the later books, though. I still need to read Declare as well.

P.S. If you like Powers, you should check out Graham Joyce. A bit more literary, verging on mainstream, but great stuff. Requiem, Indigo, The Tooth Fairy . . . .

(Full disclosure: I acquired Graham's first four novels for Tor, although he's since moved on to other publishers.)
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