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Re: Can I 'read' the books as an animated series?

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A few months ago, I reread Alan Dean Foster's TAS adaptations and visualized them, including the new portions, as animation in the style of TAS, although I tried to imagine it with more fluid animation. Not quite the same thing there, though, since I have a very familiar referent to draw on. (I even considered trying to visualize the stories in live action as I read them, imagining what the episodes of TAS might've "really" looked like, but it didn't feel right.)
Whenever I read a TOS comic, I "hear" the lines spoken with TAS-style delivery in my head.

When I read William Shatner's Collision Course, I'd just seen STXI for the first time and saw Chris Pine in the role in my head. It was a perfect fit - Shatner/Reeves-Stevens and Bad Robot's versions of a younger James T. Kirk are nigh-on the same.
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