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Can I 'read' the books as an animated series?

I'm sure I'm not alone on the boards as someone who basically 'sees' an episode of Star Trek in his head when he reads the books. Like, I cast the new characters, and play out the scenes in my head as though I was watching them on a show. We all do that, with all books, all the time, right?

I think we do it to a different degree with tie-in fiction, because we already have a set visual template on which to lay the events of the books.

So, I've just started reading book one of the Titan series, and I'm a big fan of the art that was shown here in the forums last year that visualized the Titan characters as though they were part of an animated series- in fact I think such a series would be a really cool thing to actually take place.

So my plan for book 1 of Titan is to try and visualize the novel in my head, as I read it, as though I was watching an animated version of the events, rather than live action? Does that make any sense?

It's actually harder than you might think. Already I've found myself converting the events described into 'reality', rather than what an animated show might look like. I've actually begun to wonder if we don't actually convert animated shows, when we watch them, to a more realistic counterpart in our own heads. Does that make sense, also? What I mean to say it, Samurai Jack is just a couple of lines on a screen, but we invest him with character, because I think we (possibly) convert him, in our minds, to a realistic analogue.

I may not be explaining myself very well.

Anyway, I'm so used to visualizing 'Riker' as portrayed by Jonathan Frakes, will it be possible for me to visualize that character as this, and create the entire Trek world in my head as an animated construct? Or am I just talking crazy?
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