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Buffy season nine discussion thread

Well, we have first news on Buffy season nine courtesy of Scott Allie at ECCC by way of Whedonesque.


1) Buffy Season 9 will run two years.

2) 25 issues of Buffy's book and 25 issues of Angel's.

3) Buffy Season 9:Angel #1 will be out last week of August.

4) Buffy Season 9:Buffy #1 will be out the second week of September.

5) Official announcements including some of the creative team being introduced will be at Wonder Con next month at the Dark Horse panel there.

6) Buffy Season 10 is confirmed.
I expected a longer wait until season nine started, so I'm glad that it's coming at the end of this summer. I'm also glad that, by splitting the story between two monthlies, we are getting a larger story, but we will have it in our hands in half the time of season eight. The biggest problem with season eight was the painfully slow pacing.
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