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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

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I watched “The green hornet” which was released in 2011. It is an awesome movie with a different story.
Welcome to the BBS! I see this was your second post. If you'd like to discuss or share your thoughts on The Green Hornet we have a thread here and usually for most mainstream movie/tv shows someone has an ongoing discussion thread.

22. Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love: C+
23. I Now Pronounce you Chuck & Larry: B-
24. Battle in Heaven: C+ (Mexican film, subtitled)
25. Legion: B-

Battle in Heaven - My second foreign film this year if your keeping score at home. Netflix write up reads, "A man in turmoil over his past actions. Chauffer Marcos feels compelled to reveal a dark secret to his boss's daughter, Ana, a wealthy woman who works as a prostitute just for the thrill of it. Marcos confesses that he and his wife committed a crime that ended in horrible tragedy. Haunted by his past, Marcos searches for redemption."
What it doesn't say is that Marcos has apparently built up an attraction to Ana, who he has chauffered since a young age. She comforts him in the way she knows she can yet admits she cares for him, not love but a concern all the same. Marcos commits another seemingly spontaneous crime in anger/frustration against Ana. Not clear if he only then seeks redemption cause before he commits this other sin he was headed directly to turn himself into the police for the first one.

The director used a 360 degree pan several times, not sure what affect that was intended to give the viewer(passage of time?).

Legion - I was going o watch this anyway since I'm curious about Priest this summer. However, since Adrianne Palicki is in it and she is the new Wonder Woman I felt the need to see how she performs since I hadn't seen her in anything. It's a very by the numbers film with plot holes not worth getting into. The diner fight between Gabriel and Michael was good though. One point of "look who it is" for me was that Lucas Black from FF:Tokyo Drift was in it. Hadn't seen him in a while, thought he'd faded away after FFTD.
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