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Re: Doctor Who: The Figure Thread

od0_ital wrote: View Post

How do ya have approximately six Daleks?

Well, i cant actually remember as they have been, as Josan has said, plastic storage bins since we moved, and i cant recall how many i may actually have, i know its between 6 and 9 or something, so i said six to be safe. Some new, some classic.

Josan wrote: View Post
Nice pics Classic Fan. And a "man cave" in the loft is always nice to have.

We moved into a four bedroom house back at the end of August. One bedroom is our bedroom. One is her office (which presently serves duty as a giant closet... as if the walk-in in the master bedroom isn't enough for her), one, in the basement isn't used (thinking of renting to a student) and the other is my office which is where my collection resides.

Mind you, I only have one of each Doctor on display on the top shelf of my computer desk and I have some of my classic Daleks displayed on the bookshelf housing my DW DVDs.

The rest of my collection (which is far larger than I'd intended) is in rubber storage bins (bins because though most are opened, I kept the packaging for some reason), out of sight. The less my girlfriend sees of my geek side, the happier she is.
nooo! Youre a package keeper too.

I have mine in the loft cavity, dunno why i keep em either. And, as you said, most of the rest is in one of them, i just havnt searched through all of them to find them. Theyre there somewhere, the ones in the pics were in the top of another box.
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