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Re: Doctor Who: The Figure Thread

Ok, finally i have a computer to do this with, properly.

First off, i have other Who figures/daleks etc inc: six, seven and two, but theyre still in boxes in the loft cavity waiting to get a home. Also, i have on order an Eternal and a Strategist Dalek, an Eleven with fez and mop and an Amy.

We've been in this house for approx 6 months now, so all i have is a limited area in the loft room at the moment to put all my man things. At the mo theyre all on a small divide next to the stair case.

So, here goes.

The Eleventh Crash set with FCT:


^ I love the peeking around the door setup, thats the usual pose on the shelf.

Four and Five, a cheeky Stromtrooper and a spare head.

Nine, three Tens and a Peggster.

Line up one

Line up two

Davros and one of approx 6 Daleks.

The Sonics.

And finally, for the moment anyway, my Darth Vader helmet and part of last years halloween costume, a fez and a mop. I didnt go as Vader with mop and fez though, i have a tweed jacket in the wardrobe. Got some pics of the night somehere.

My loft room is like a kids bedroom. Wouldnt think i was 27. Great part is, my missus doesnt go up there, so im quids in. She had the houise i got the man cave upstairs.
"Course your not,your not scared of anything. Box falls out the sky, man falls out of box, man eats fish custard. Look at you, just sittin' there,you know what i think? Must be helluva scary crack in your wall" - The Doctor
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