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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

Still working with several episodes in post-production at this time.

Jon Carling reports he has around 2 more weeks of work on the VFX for "The Void." Jon also completed the opening credits sequence, and Steve Gallant has already scored it. Tom Scott's going to assemble a video from it which we'll be posting in the coming week. We're also going to be re-shooting Jeff Green's close-ups next week. Once the close-ups are done, we expect Tom to be able to finish the edit and make a color correction. Then it'll be off to Bill Walker for digitizing the displays, then to Steve Gallant for scoring and Ralph Miller for sound effects. So we're making excellent progress on it.

"Doctor's Orders" edit of the live-action footage has been completed. Rick Foxx has done a terrific job with the footage available. We are going to reshoot a close-up with Doug Harper, possibly this Saturday, which will allow us to finalize the edit. Bill Walker has the VFX for the opening sequence, and is going to extend it to accomodate the credits. Bob Reed has been handed the assignment of doing the Potemkin fly away for the ending. Tony Lunn will be handling the scoring, and Rick Foxx will be doing the sound for this episode. Bill Walker will be digitizing the effects for the panel displays.

"Delivery" is slated to go before the cameras sometime between March 18 and March 27. This vignette will be directed by Randall Landers, and features Jeff Green and Stephanie Burke. The VFX for this episode will be completed by Bill Walker. Music will be Steve Gallant for this episode.

"Miscommunication" is solidly in post-production with Director Bill Walker handling the VFX. The vignette features Stephanie Burke, Richard Thornton, Hannah Ruiz and Thomas Walker as was shot on location in Lee County, Georgia. Neal Manning will be scoring this vignette.

Primary filming (videotaping) for "The Engineer's New Clothes" starring Mario Pagan has been completed. Second unit videotaping in Atlanta will take place in the coming months. Bill Walker will appear as "Chief Engineer Barton" in the Atlanta facility. He's going to be working on the Engine Room fot this episode.

Filming for "The Night the Stars Fell from the Sky" (our second full-length episode) will take place in locations throughout Southwest Georgia from May 10 - May 31st. This episode will be quite a challenge for the cast and crew. I've been scouting locations at least once a week, and have made some arrangements with the local park ranger for the shoot at one location. (We're going to film two productions at this particular park.)

Guess that's all for now. We've updated the series bible and guidelines; we've posted a new character picture for Blaire Erskine (Lt. Patricia Allen) and Rodriguez Graper (Lt. Commander Chuck Richards). We'll be creating listings for Richard Thornton (Lt. Darrell Frazier) and Hannah Ruiz (Lt. Doreen Spampinato) this week. We also intend to create a page on "Making an Andorian" this week. Be sure and check out the site for pictures and updates!
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