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Especially Inferno. How many unbelievable technobabble insane ranting bitchfixes did it take for them to make that plot even pretend to make sense?

It always weirds me out when people like this trilogy so much. Like, compared to the deliberate, connected, character-driven, generally brilliant Marco-edited-everything (Vanguard, DS9-R, VOY-R-R, Destiny, Lost Era, etc), this was just wildass nonsense.
The plot does make sense. It's just very complicated. And it's one of the most scientifically literate Star Trek prose tales ever written. Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens know their physics as well as anyone who's written ST literature on an ongoing basis, and while Millennium certainly took liberties for the sake of the story, it held together pretty logically for the most part.
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