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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

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An excellent chapter! Spiro's struggle with trust is very human and I appreciate that doubt always has a way of surfacing at inconvenient times. I want to trust Berat and Spiros is a seeker - I think he wants to be able to fully trust him too. From the comfort of my role as an auditor of the proceedings I get to like Berat all I wish. Spiros must be very very uncomfortable feeling that he may be part of the solution OR an unwilling accomplice. He doesn't get very much wiggle room. The stakes are very high and the chapter is tightly woven. I very much look forward to seeing where we go next. Thank you!
Spirodopoulos isn't happy with the way that conversation played out, for sure, and I think deep down, he feels that he is at fault for it.

TheLoneRedshirt wrote: View Post
Point taken. I worded that poorly. There are of course, many strange aliens in the Federation. I wanted to echo your point that Federation starships take these variations in physiology into account with their environmental systems and food replicators, whereas Cardassian ships were designed for a single race. I like how you picked up on that and use that as an added stress point for the Federation contingent.
I felt that the Cardassian mindset would really come into play there; resources would not be wasted on accommodating multiple species. Until now.

The physical discomfort of strange food ("Dukat's revenge?" You had to go there! )
Well, I was trying to be a LITTLE more refined than "backdoor trots"...

Plus, let's see...

1) Deposed ruler
2) Possible mystical powers of said ruler
3) Said ruler's tendency towards...well, getting the verbal runs

It seemed like it fit.

Having grown up as an Air Force brat, I can also say that is the kind of slang a bunch of Air Force officers (and hence a bunch of Sigils Starfleeters) would come up with.

Which opens up a whole other can of worms: my Starfleet is definitely fundamentally different at its heart than yours, that's for sure. For mine, the outward Naval traditions are a thin veneer that hide what's really at its heart: Air Force. To me, a LOT of things we saw on screen point to a far stronger Air Force than Navy heritage, despite the ranks and certain ceremonies and traditions that are observed. Above all, the relations between officers and enlisted, the ratio between officer and enlisted, and the highly technical abilities of the enlisted (there are no Starfleet "grunts" just as there are no Air Force "grunts"), really screams Air Force. (But I can enjoy stories written either way.)

and warm environs add to the psychological and emotional stress. One does not always use good judgment when physically impaired. I think Spiridopolous has performed admirably, all things considered.
It's definitely stressful, that's for sure.
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