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I remember loving it back when I read it around '03 or '04. I had the big mega omnibus edition with all three of them, but I seem to have misplaced it, which is a shame. Every so often the back of my mind thinks of it and I want to re-read it, but I have no idea where the stupid thing is .

My vague memory now is that the first part was just a fun mystery, but the second part was an epic and over the top alt-future adventure that felt like a crazy Shatnerverse entry (no surprise, since the Reeves-Stevenses co-write those books.) The stuff with Picard designing the megaship that was going to fix everything (IIRC...I don't recall the details anymore) was fascinating, and all the unexpected places various other "regulars" ended up were cool to see too. The last book was a terrifically mind-bending romp with a smaller yet even more exciting scope. It's probably the one I want to read again the most. Great books!
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